Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holly Housewife Strikes Again!

Russ and I have been sorely disappointed in the choice of Mexican restaurants and the in-store salsa choices since moving to South Carolina. We know of 5 Mexican restaurants in a 45 mile radius from our home. Only one is in the town we live in and the service is horrible. I have vowed not to go back because of how bad the service is. So basically, if we want Mexican food, we have to either (A) drive at least 30 minutes to get it or (B) make it at home. We usually opt for B. I have a few Mexican recipes that we love so it works out. The fact that I can't find my favorite salsa in the stores here...doesn't work out for me so much. I've ate 2 quesadilla's without salsa in the last couple of weeks because the stuff we've been trying is just not any good. The problem I have is that we don't like chunky salsa. Actually, I hate chunky salsa so that rules out all of the Pace salsa's and pretty much everything. I prefer restaurant-style salsa's that are more pureed. I did find a couple of salsa's that I liked and had been getting them. One was an Arkansas Razorbacks salsa that South Carolina does not sell. If only they had a Gamecock salsa...sigh. Anyway, and the other was On The Border salsa. I found the On The Border salsa the first time I went grocery shopping here and that was it. I haven't found it since. So, basically, the point of all that was to say that I am going through salsa withdrawal. In Missouri there was a Mexican restaurant with good salsa practically on every corner and we ate Mexican 2 times a week usually. Here, not so much. So yesterday I said to myself, "Self, why don't you make some lip smacking good salsa??" Of course! So, I did.
And when Self said "lip smacking", Self meant "lip smacking". This salsa turned out sooooooo good! It is the bomb schnizzle yo of salsa's! IT. IS. AH-MAH-ZING!

Mmmmmm....yeah, and, uh, just ignore the broken chips. I didn't have a new bag here.


Chelley N said...

Send me some home with Chris next week, K? It looks gooooood. I much prefer non-chunky salsa, too. Ooooh, and send the recipe :-) Maybe I'll try my hand at Holly Housewife-ing.

Janet said...

YUM!!! I made homemade salsa last night for my hubby & his football pals for the first game. LOVE salsa!! Now I want a quesadilla!