Saturday, June 12, 2010


-It has been really nice to be home and know that I'll be home for a while. Travelling really wears me out.

-Chloe Jo gave me lots and lots of kisses this morning without me asking for them. That is the best way to start off the morning!

-We are moving to The Carolina's in July. Does anyone know what the weather is like over there? I hate living in Tornado Alley (well, we are really not in it, but close enough!) and am hoping to get away from them. I think we will have to deal with the weather from hurricanes, but not the actual hurricanes.

-We were able to go swimming last night because there were only two other girls at the pool. I would have thought a Friday night would be packed, but no. One of the girls that was there was named Lisa, too and she is a couponer. We enjoyed getting to know one another.

-Russ and I were woken up this morning at 6:00 because our neighbor whose room is connected to ours didn't turn his alarm off before he left for the weekend. "North to Alaska" was blaring into our room and I think there was some Elvis song also. We went and slept in the living room for the rest of the morning.

-I have been reading Emma by Jane Austen from my book list and I only have around 30 pages left. I am going to miss her and Mr. Knightley when I finish it. I think I will get reacquainted with Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy next.

-I changed up my page a bit and I'm really happy with the results. I also added a "follow me" section. Please come out of the woodwork and follow me if you haven't. I'll try to stop by your blog if you have one and leave a comment.

-Chloe Jo is in the summer reading program at the Library. She is a regular little book worm! The reading program gave us a page that has what all we have to do on it. We mark off circles whenever we finish 1 hour or reading and then 1 activity. It has a list of the different activities we can do on the back. Anyway, she finished the first section and got a Fine Waiver Card and a coupon card for a ton of places here. We went around yesterday collecting freebies from the card. It was so fun and she ended up with a tons of little books, a free kids meal from Chick-fil-a and two cookies from our Library's cafe. I am in the adult summer reading program so maybe I'll win something in the drawings.

-I think that is it for now. Remember to follow me if you haven't! I love to know who is reading!


Christina said...

It's warm in the Carolinas and you will have to deal with hurricanes just like we do in Florida. One year I went on a mission trip to North Carolina and a hurricane hit.

Joy said...

Lisa - We live in Raleigh NC. I love the area. It is a great place to raise a family. The beach is very close and so are the mountains. It is very warm and humid in the summer, although we normally get snow at least once a year. We have lots of activities for children and families.