Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back at home...again...for a while anyway...

I had the privilege of watching my adorable niece, Brianna, again this week. I have watched here three times while her Mommy goes back to work. Her Mommy, my sis, turned in her resignation so she will be a stay-at-home mom like me! YAY! Brianna is such a doll!
Seriously, how cute is she!?!?!? I don't know if she could be any sweeter or cuter! And to add to the fun of watching her, she is completely easy to take care of. She doesn't cry for hours like Chloe Jo, does...and she is just so content. Well, she was like that until Chloe Jo gave her a runny nose/cough and then she was a little more high maintenance, but nothing like what I'm used to with my own!
Chloe Jo really loves Brianna now. She didn't know what to think of her at first, but she sure has warmed up to her. She loves to give her kisses and hugs and to pat her back. When Brianna would wake up from her nap she would cry to let us know to come get her. Chloe Jo would get up and look to make sure I was coming and run in Brianna's room and look at her through the slats in her crib. They are too cute together. Chloe Jo also tries to give her the pacifier. Although she really hits her in the head with it (gently) it is so cute to watch her try to take care of her.
Here are the adorable little girls and their little Cabbage Patch Dolls! The one Chloe Jo is holding is the newest member of our Cabbage Patch Kid family. Her name is Jeri Garnet which is a horrible name in my opinion (sorry to any of you who like it!). The funny thing is that I will look for months to find a CPK with a good name....or at least a tolerable name so this is so not the norm for me! She was one of the "Surprise" CPK's. She came wrapped up in a cabbage and I didn't know if she was a boy or a girl and didn't know the name until we got her out of the box. Chloe Jo picked her out so I'm okay with her name being Jeri. Anyway...that was not what this blog post was supposed to be about!

I drove down Saturday and stayed the night and Sunday and then watched Brianna on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Russ drove down Sunday morning to preach at the church my sis and bro-in-law attend and drove home Sunday evening. While he was there my sis decided she wanted to do an inpromptu photo session for us! Again, I'm usually a planner. If you remember back in November when we had family pictures done I stewed over what we would each wear and even did a post asking for opinions. Luckily, my sis and I had gone shopping Sunday and I just happened to buy the outfit I'm wearing and Chloe Jo borrowed the jacket from Brianna so I thought we coordinated pretty well. My sis did an excellent job and even photo shopped them for us. I'm excited to put these new family pictures up in our apartment!
I like this photo much better with the Old Time coloring than natural.
One of my faves.

This one kind of looks like a wedding picture to me. The Tree is apparently our officiant.

Another fave.
This is so Chloe Jo. She can't stand still for a second to have her picture taken and she has already found a big stick to carry around. Oh my.
So sweet.

Since my sis and bro-in-law read my blog, I have to tell a funny story even though the joke is totally on me! Chloe Jo is way to busy now days to have her picture taken much. She wants to play and run around all the time. We sat her down under neath a tree and I tried my hardest to get her to look at me and smile. This consisted of waving my arms around, making funny noises and finally jumping up and down several times. Unfortunately, the jumping up and down had a different affect and I pooted....loudly! There was no covering it up. It was me and it was loud and proud. Yikes! Chelley fell down on the ground because she was laughing so hard. I guess I lived up to the nickname Tootie!
I really love this one! The Old Time color is my favorite!
I'm glad to be home for a while. I think my sis and I are going to take a trip with our girls when she is finished working and before we move east. I'm really going to miss my family, but God is saying "how much do you love me" and I know we must give the correct answer!

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Russ said...

I love the pics your sister did(thanks!). They turned out well. I like the black and white ones the most! At least when we go to Carolina we won't be traveling for try outs anymore...right:)