Friday, June 18, 2010

My First Haircut by Chloe Jo

This morning Momma told me that she made me an appointment to get my mullet cut off. I didn't really know what that meant, but I'm always ready to go somewhere!
Before we left, Momma wanted to take a couple of "before" pictures. I was too busy to get any good ones. I wouldn't hold still for anything!
We went to a children's salon by our house. It was so cute inside. I liked looking at all the hair bows and flower clips. But then Momma made me sit on her lap and a lady came at me with these weird silver things. I didn't like that very much. The lady did give me some animals crackers and some of them were chocolate! I love chocolate! Even though I had the animal crackers, I didn't really like that lady and her silver things. Momma said she trimmed the back of my hair and the front up so that it would grow more even. Whatever. I just know that I didn't like that lady touching my head!
After we left that scary place, Momma took me to get lunch and we came home. Momma wanted to take "after" pictures, but I was too busy again. I wouldn't hold still to get a good shot!
Momma said that I look beautiful with my hair trimmed.
The lady that had the silver things gave us this to put in my scrapbook when we left.
I love my Momma, but I hope she doesn't make me go back to that lady again any time soon!