Monday, June 14, 2010

I call her Mullet-head

My sweet baby has a mullet.

And she wasn't born in the 80's.

She doesn't even know what the 80's are.

We are going to grace our local kids hair cut place with our presence.


Janet said...

My Alexis is also sporting the mullet right now. I'm just not ready to take her for a hair cut yet. That would mean that I have to admit that she isn't a baby anymore. I'm not ready for that!! Good Luck! Take pictures!!

Miss Tori said...

Why??? That is so cute! Unless you are wanting to keep her hair short, it's going to be so pretty as it grows out. It looks like it has a bit of natural curl to it.

Christina said...

I already trimmed Annika's mullet myself. It was out of control!