Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Fun!

Last week was so busy! Chloe Jo and I went with our friends Melissa and Kaydence to the pumpkin patch. We had planned on doing it the week before, but got rained out twice. We did finally make it and took some cute pictures!

Then I, of course, had to take Halloween pictures last night! Melissa and Kaydence went with Chloe Jo and I around to a few houses to trick-or-treat.
My sweet pumpkin. G-Jo bought this pumpkin suit last year when I was pregnant with Chloe Jo. We still thought she was going to be Logan at that time!
She was all ready to go. It's so funny how she knows when we are getting ready to go somewhere. She gets so excited!
Kaydence dressed as a pumpkin, also. Melissa and I didn't know that they were both going as pumpkins so we were thrilled when we met up to go out.
We stopped by G-Jo and Grampy's to get pictures and G-Jo gave Chloe Jo a bag full of halloween goodies.
After we visited for a while we went trick or treating at a few homes of older people we know from church. I love how they get so excited when they get visitors. Most of them said they don't get any trick or treaters anymore so I was even more happy that we decided to do that. The last stop we made was by a couple's house from our young marrieds group. They had decorated their garage and had a group that dressed up to creep people out. We had so much fun!
Chloe Jo thought all the lights and steam was great. There was no turning back for her.
Chloe Jo didn't mind Jacob Black (I don't think this person who I didn't even know was really dressed as Jacob Black, I'm just a Twilight fan) until I stepped back to take the picture.
I can't wait until next year when Chloe Jo will be able to walk around and enjoy the candy!


Janet said...

These pictures are just too cute! Did you get your family pictures done? I'm curious how that went and how they turned out?

Lisa said...

We have postponed our family pictures to Thursday of this week. Hopefully this one will work out!