Friday, October 23, 2009

I Need Feedback!

I have set up an appoitment to have family pictures taken on Thursday of next week. The reason we haven't gone yet is because I have been super indecisive about what we are all going to wear.

I chose a purple sweater for me. I am going to wear this denim skirt with it. I am torn between wearing black boots with it or my black flats. What do you think? Russ is going to wear this black polo. Should he wear khaki's or jeans?
Chloe Jo is the one I'm having trouble deciding about. I love this gray and pink outfit, but it is a little big on her. Does it even match my purple sweater?
My other pick is this cream sweater dress. Will it look okay with our long sleeved shirts? Plus the shoes I put with this outfit are brown. Will that look okay with Russ and I wearing black?
Am I just overthinking this? Well, you don't have to answer that one because I already know the answer!


The Dorns said...

I think with both you and Russ in darker shirts that Chloe should wear the cream colored dress so it will pop with background of your darker shirts. The difference in chloes shoes and your wont matter. Russ may want to wear jeans since you are wearing aJean skirt but if he goes with the Khaki I dont think it will be to much of a problem it will tie in all the colors. Good luck on pictures we do our on saturday.

Hollie said...

You and Russ look great in those outfits! Of course you want everybody to look perfect. I think the pink n gray is a little big. I love the cream dress. I think that will be cute.

M said...

Here's my vote:

Russ in dark jeans

Chloe Jo in the second outfit

I think with the darker wintery colors you guys are wearing, the second baby outfit would go better.

Oh and your shoes, how could I forget! I like the boots!

Christina said...

Here are my votes:

For you I say the flats, that way you aren't super "winter-like". For Russ, the jeans so it's casual like your skirt and flats. For Chloe the cream dress, it's so cute and she will "pop" being next to you guys in the darker shades.

Misty Dawn said...

I like you both in what you are wearing and Chloe Jo in the sweater dress!

melissa said...

You guys are both looking so great! I second what everyone else has been saying. For shoes, I would go with flats too.

Ashley said...

Love all the outfits! I think CJ's purple bow and cream sweater outfit looks oh so cute on her, so that is my vote! Good luck and can't wait to see them!

Courtney said...

I'm voting with Christina! That sweater dress is just too cute ;). If you are worried about the short sleeves just put a cream or another coordinating color long sleeve shirt underneath the dress. Good luck...I know they will be cute!

Kriss said...

Lisa, where are you? Can't wait to see what you dress Chloe up for Halloween.