Friday, November 6, 2009

Family Pictures

Russ, Chloe Jo and I went to have family pictures taken yesterday. We had to postpone it to this week and I happened to get a better coupon through e-mail so it worked out! I was, again, happy with the pictures the photographer took. Chloe Jo wasn't as smiley as normal so there aren't any with her big grin in them, but they are still good. It's always harder when you are photographing a baby!

This one was a promotion that was free to try to get me to buy their Christmas cards. I always make my own so I really didn't care about this one, but it will look cute in Chloe Jo's scrapbook.
This is the picture I bought in an 8x10 for our wall. The frame I have has a cream colored mat so this picture looks really good in it.
I am going to make a wall collage with the family photo in the middle and a picture of me and Chloe Jo on one side and one of Russ and Chloe Jo on the other. We have a large frame with our name in it so that will go above the three family pictures.

This picture wasn't my absolute favorite, but because my coupon was for 30% off the entire order I went ahead and bought one because I do like it. And it may make it's way onto the wall collage anyway.


Joy said...

Lisa - The photos look great! Were these taken at the Picture People? I have a coupon for them, and was just wondering.

Lisa said...

Joy, yes they were taken at the Picture People.

Ashley said...

Lisa - those pictures are FABULOUS!!!! Love them! We are going tomorrow for Katie's 6 month pics and hopefully we will get a couple good family ones since Brad gets to go too.

melissa said...

Beautiful pics!

Sasha said...

I love your family pictures!!! They are wonderful! You have a beautiful family!