Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Playing at the Park

Yesterday, Russ and I took Chloe Jo to the park for the first time. I wanted to take her swinging. We didn't even know where a close park was so we had to search for one online and I wasn't sure it would have the infant swings. We took a chance and we were lucky! It was a gorgeous park with lots of space to run (not that any of us were running, but for future reference), a great little playground with the infant swings, a pond, pavilions and a historical building. We, of course, had to take lots of pictures!
Momma and Chloe Jo
Just a swingin'. Chloe Jo didn't like it when I put her in the infant swing first so I swung with her for a little bit. She also didn't know what to think about me wearing sunglasses. Everytime I wear a hat or sunglasses she just stares at me. It's so funny!
Her initial reaction: starting to cry.
Oh, wait a second. This is fun. I like this!
Again, her initial reaction to the slide wasn't good. She got really startled when we slid down, but then she liked it the second and third times (or maybe she just tolerated it).
Momma, Chloe Jo and Momma's enormous thigh. I know this isn't the best angle, but it's cute other than that!
Momma, Chloe Jo and the fabulous fall trees
Chloe Jo and Daddy
Daddy and Chloe Jo
I loved the way the sun was shining through the branches of the trees and how you could see the orange and yellow leaves on one tree and the green on another.
I thought this was an interesting tree because it only had leaves on one side.
Until next time. Goodbye park.


Janet said...

So cute! I love her smile! Doesn't it just melt your heart every time your little Chloe Jo smiles at you?

Elana Kahn said...

You guys are so adorable!!! Btw, did Russ lose weight? He looks great! (And so do you, so no worries about those should see my stomach, it's not a pretty sight.)

Mainly a midwife said...

Chloe is adorable. And what a fun 1st for Chloe...park time.