Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tutu Cute! (Instructions)

Chloe Jo is going to be six months in a couple of weeks! We are going to have her pictures taken for this 1/2 year milestone and I wanted to do something special for her pictures. I decided to make her a onesie and a tutu for her pictures.

First, Daddy gave us some money to go to the local craft store to pick up the supplies. I had 4 40% off coupons so everything was very inexpensive!

We then came home and Chloe Jo went down for a nap while Momma made her onesie. I bought iron on rinestone-like letters, a rinestone-like princess crown and a plain white onesie. I then just followed the directions to adhere the letters and crown and WA-LA: an adorable onesie fit for any princess! The directions on the iron-ons said that it could be washed and dried as usual. I went ahead and put it in the washer inside out. A few of the rinestones did come off, but I saved the ones I could find and I'm going to put them back on with fabric glue. Hopefully it will last a little while after her pictures!

Next, I brought out the supplies to make the tutu:

4 yards total of tulle (I bought 2 in white and 2 in pink)

1/2 inch elastic

Needle and thread



I measured the elastic to fit Chloe Jo's waist.
I made a circle and overlapped the end about an inch and sewed it together.
I set the waistband aside and brought out my tulle. The tulle I bought was 54 inches wide.
I cut 12 6 inch pieces from each color.
I cut the pieces to twice the length I wanted the tutu to be.
I then had 48 pieces of tulle for my tutu.
I then brought back the waistband. To tie the tulle, I took a strip and folded it in half. Then I took the looped side and brought that through the middle of the waistband.
I folded the loop over the waistband and brought the ends of the tulle up through the loop.
I tightened the knot and slid the strips together as I went along.
I did that all the way around the waistband.
To finish the tutu off, I took satin ribbon to cover the waistband.
I pulled the ribbon up between each piece of tulle.
Then folded it over the knot and pulled in between the next pieces of tulle.
When the waistband was covered completely around, I pulled the end through the first loop of ribbon.
And tied the ribbon into a bow and sewed the bow together.
Chloe Jo seemed to think it was just as great as I did!
Tutu cute!


The Family of N said...

Kaylee says she loves the outfit. You did a good job. I'm glad it was you making it.

elephantscanremember said...

That is so adorable! Your little girl is so pretty.

I love the tutu idea. I may have to steal it if I ever get to have a little girl.

Chelley N said...

Wow! Great job on the onesie and tutu... did you have directions for the tutu, or did you just think of how to do that?

Lisa said...

I found instructions for the tutu on a site and then found instructions for the waistband on another site. It was not my idea.

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh how adorable! I think you have inspired me to try to make a tutu ... we shall see how it works :) SO cute!!

Allison said...

That's darling!! And what a happy little girl you have - that last picture is awesome!

Angie said...

You did such a great job! That is adorable!

melissa said...

How adorable!!!

I might just have to steal that idea for Faith and Samantha.

Alicia_B said...

That is the most precious thing I have seen!!!!!

Janet said...

I love the picture of Chloe holding the money!! Never too soon to start teaching girls about cash!! The tutu is super cute! I actually was going to buy some for my girls 6 month pictures too! I'm not as handy as you! Even with your detailed step by step directions I couldn't do it!!

Elana Kahn said...

Wow, what a crafty mommy!!! I would never have thought to do that. :-)

Misty Dawn said...

That was adorable Lisa!

Susan said...

Too cute! It gives me ideas with different things I can do when my niece or newphew is born in a few months.