Friday, September 25, 2009

Bow Holder

Yesterday I had a friend over with her baby girl to make bow holders. Her little girl is just 7 weeks younger than Chloe Jo and we love to dress them up and put bows in their hair. We decided we wanted to make these adorable princess dress bow holders for our girls. They turned out cute, but we may redo them and do some things differently so they will turn out a little more like we wanted them to.
I think I need to put a couple more ribbons on the next one. This one doesn't have much room left after I got all Chloe Jo's bows and flowers on it!
After we finished our bow holders, we went to the mall. Here is a picture of Chloe Jo in her new outfit. I spent way too much money last night!


Misty Dawn said...

I couldn't tell how the bows were going to fit on that. I'm glad you did that second pic so I understand now. LOL Love the outfit! Too cute!

Ashley said...

It's all adorable!! Love the bow you have step by step instructions for those too??

Where did you get her new outfit? I love it!

Lisa said...

I bought the dress and tights at Old Navy and the shoes at Kohl's.

I will try to get instructions for the bow holder up soon.