Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Chloe Jo and I have been busy around here for the last few days. My Granny Tiger and Pappy are staying with my parents so we have been going out there to visit with them while they are here. Granny Tiger taught me how to make apple dumplings yesterday and we had a great time. I put Chloe Jo in the Baby K'Tan and she just watched everything we did. She is worn out from all of our goings, though so we are staying home today until bible class this evening. I found a few patterns to crochet hats on the internet and have also been working on those. Here are the results:

I messed up my camera settings apparently. The last few pictures I've taken with it have come out blurry. Boo.
This one is going to be a Christmas present for one of my neices (not the one that has access to this blog!).

Anyway, I thought they turned out well and Chloe Jo and I have had a wonderful time with my grandparents. We are going to go back out there tomorrow and Russ will hopefully be able to go with us.

He didn't get the job that we were hoping for. We have to give notice for our apartment on the 27th so it looks like we are going to have to sign for another 3 months. I hate that he can't find a preaching job. This is what he really wants to do and it seems like everything is in his way. Wish we could catch a break. Our savings is depleted, our credit card balance is higher than I would like it to be and we just aren't going to be able to live like this very much longer. His car keeps acting up and we spent $1000 on it in two months. Ouch! If it breaks down again we have decided to just share my car for now. It stinks, but there isn't much else we can do. I just hope some kind of preaching position opens up and he gets it. We need to move and get back on our feet. I never dreamed it would take this long. People just aren't willing to hire a guy that isn't as eloquent as they would like. Just call him Moses. Except he doesn't have an Aaron to speak for him.


Hedda said...

What denomination are you guys? My dad is a preacher and I may be able to steer you guys in the right direction.

M said...

Adorable hats! Man, you whip up things so quickly don't you?!

Hope your hubby is able to find a preaching job soon!

Joy said...

Lisa - You guys are in my prayers. I hope that you find a church home very soon. I wish that I was as creative as you are with crafts. I love the hats. Maybe I will try to make some for Ellie.

Jordan Sanders said...

do you have a fave website for crochet patterns?

Lisa said...

Jordan, I don't have a favorite site for the patterns. I just search for whatever I am looking for on Yahoo. It takes me a while to find the right pattern!

Kriss said...

Lisa, you need to sell these hats! Make some up and put them on Facebook. You will make some extra cash that way!!! Also make some and I would advertise you on my blog. -kriss