Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 Months

My sweet girl is 5 months old today. Time sure has flown since I became pregnant. It seems like the pregnancy went fast and the last 5 months even faster. She is getting so big now!

She can still wear some of her 0-3 clothes, but is mostly in 3-6. She is getting too long for her 3-6 sleepers and is fitting in her 6-9 sleepers now. She is long and skinny. The 0-3 pants fit her the best, but they are too short now so she has to wear the 3-6.

She is still in size 2 diapers and will be for a while. My sister came this weekend and brought me some coupons and gave me some tips on couponing so I can cut down my grocery bill. I'm really trying to do good with coupons, but I don't seem to get the great deals some of you other gals do. I did buy 3 packages of jumbo Huggies diapers for $5.50 each and couple of Luvs for $6.99 each. The Luvs wasn't a great deal, but the Huggies was! I'm getting spoiled with the Huggies. They are so soft and nice for her bum. Russ said I can buy Pampers or Huggies after he gets a full time preaching position and I may take him up on that offer.

Chloe Jo is doing very well with eating solids. I can't believe she's been on solids for a month already! We did a week of one bowl of cereal a day and then two weeks of two bowls a day before we introduced veggies. I gave her peas first and she loves them. We are now working on sweet potatoes and she likes them, too. I'm going to try green beans next. I give her half rice or oatmeal cereal and half veggie when she eats. I am also going to alternate the color of veggie she gets. Green veggies have different nutrients than the orange and I want her to have all the nutrients she can get out of her food. I will start that after we get through trying all the different veggies. Once that is done, I will also introduce breakfast. Once she is on a schedule with three meals I will then start introducing fruits. I want her to get used to veggies first so that she doesn't scoff at them once I start her on fruits. That's my plan anyway. We'll see how it goes.

She isn't cutting any teeth yet that I can feel. My mom said that my siblings and I didn't cut our first teeth until around 10 months so she may not for a while yet. I don't know when Russ cut his teeth. Dad did let her gnaw on a pizza crust last night. I was nervous the whole time and when she finally dropped it I sarcastically said "ah, that's too bad." I really try not to be that mother who won't let her baby have anything not made for a baby, but I am not ready to let her have pizza crusts or french fries. I do let her have ice cream (just a little so she doesn't get a tummy ache) and I have given her pudding off the salad bar once. She really loves ice cream, though!

I have lots of things to do today. Mainly grocery shopping so I need to get off of here. Poor Chloe Jo was worn out this weekend. We had three days in a row of not being home and she was passed around by family. Tuesday she woke up at 7:45, nursed and then we curled up together on the couch and slept till 11:30. Then she took four more naps and slept all night. Yesterday she slept late and took 2 naps (she usually only takes one). She went to sleep around 9:30 last night and she woke up at 6:15 for her paci and went back to sleep and is still sleeping. It's almost 11:00. I'm going to have to go wake her up!

Thanks, as always, for reading blogger buddies!


Kriss said...

Lisa, I am a diaper snob (if I am not cloth diapering) but have you tried the Target Brand Up and Up brand. Oh my goodness! They are great and alot of my friends have switched them! -kriss

melissa said...

Thanks for the update! I can't believe she is still in 0-3 month clothes. She is definitely long and skinny! Will be interesting to see the official weight at her 6 mo appt. And feel ya on the coupons. I can't seem to get the hang of it either. Personally, for diapers, I don't mind the Parents Choice when we use them at night. And they are cheap. I did love using the Pampers Swaddlers people bought me, they were so super soft.