Monday, September 21, 2009


I went deal shopping today. I am a dismal couponer, but I am learning and am starting to see some good savings. At my first stop I bought 2 boxes of cereal at $1.50 each (isn't the best deal, but I didn't have the coupons that would have made it spectacular) and 2 packages of string cheese that were FREE. Woo-hoo! My first couponing free item. I celebrated by having one of them for supper tonight. They didn't have the other items that I was going to get, but I did buy a box of Slim Fast with a $1.00 off coupon. Slim Fast never goes on sale (that I'm aware of) so this wasn't a great deal, but it did save me a buck. Then I had to stop by the baby section and what did I find? Summer items clearanced up to 75% off! YAY! I ended up buying $15.19 worth of clothing that had it not been clearanced it would have cost $48.98. I was pretty happy with that!
This one wasn't on sale. I just thought Chloe Jo would look super cute in it during October!
Seriously..."Ghouls just wanna have fun"...could it be any cuter?
I also stopped by another store where I ended up spending $3.63 out of pocket after a savings of $13.98 with coupons and store sales. Not too bad.


Chelley N said...

Great job with the couponing. Be patient with it... super fabulous deals don't come along every week, but once you get your coupon stash built up, you will see them more and more.

Janet said...

Ok, so in an attempt to slack off at work today, I read your blog from the very beginning. I was cracking up! The best is the story about how you and Russ got locked in your bedroom! I almost cried from laughing so hard. And I just had to share....Does everyone have a nickname for their OB & RE? You had Obi-Wan, we had Captain Vagina who my husband called Cappy. Just thought I would share! Chloe gets cuter every time you post pictures!!