Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wreathing Havoc

I would love for my apartment to look inviting from the outside. I have never quite achieved that. We do have a door mat and a couple of chairs out there, but it just looks like every other apartment around here. Like we're saying "yes, we live here, but we don't really want to be friends." I've been wanting to get a wreath for a long time and just never have done it. Russ and I are having a get together on Saturday so I figured that tonight would be a perfect time to go get a wreath and make our door more inviting. So armed with my 40% off coupon and my Chloe Jo, I took a trip to Hobby Lobby. Much to my dismay, I looked at a price tag and saw $99.99. WHAT!?!?!? For a stupid wreath!?!?!? They've got to be kidding!!!! After I finished seething about their astronomical wreath prices (or maybe I'm just cheap? they were 50% off this week), I came to a conclusion. I thought to myself "Self, why would you pay that much for a wreath? You made your bridal bouquet and your matron of honors bouquet and your junior bridesmaids bouquet and the corsages and the boutineers. A wreath can't be that difficult!" So $11.00 lighter, I made my way home with my wreath fixins'. When I got home, I plugged in my hot glue gun and began to arrange my wreath. It didn't look right. It still didn't look right. Hmmm...maybe this isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be...I finally finished the design and I glued it together. I added three butterflies for a touch of whimsy. Now if I could only decide if the wreath is whimsical or retarded. I can't make up my mind and I now understand why Hobby Lobby can charge $99.99 for a wreath.


Kriss said...

Lisa, it doesn't look bad. I think you would like it better though if you used more flowers. I used to make wreaths for sell and do mine for my own door. The trick is to start with the filler part and do that all the way around. Then take your biggest flowers and lay them ontop of your filler (your filler in this case would be the green/straw colored material). Then fill in with smaller flowers and then fill in with sprays of something like with the purple that is on there now. Like I said though it doesn't look bad, I just think you need more flowers for it to look fuller and more what you had invisioned.

Janet said...

I like it! You have much more talent than I ever will! Good Job!

Linda said...

I think it looks great!