Monday, August 10, 2009

4 Months!

I can't believe Chloe Jo is already 4 months old! Wasn't it just yesterday that I was driving underneath a gorgeous full rainbow on my way to the clinic to have my IUI??? Nope. That was a year ago. And a year ago last Saturday I took a pregnancy test that came up positive. What a wonderful year it has been and now my baby is 4 months old. She is so sweet and I love being a Momma. It was my dream to be a stay-at-home Momma and I am now living my dream. Here is a list of things that she is doing at 4 months:

-rolling over - back to belly and belly to back
-eating cereal
-reaching for toys
-gripping toys and putting them in her mouth to chew on
-extending her legs to stand

Here are some pictures we took today.


Ashley said...

Precious pictures! Isn't it funny how they grab their clothes and try to eat them?? Silly girls :) I know - this past Saturday it had been one year since my IUI...amazing how much things can change in a year, huh!!

Misty Dawn said...

love the last pic!