Monday, August 3, 2009

Chloe Jo

Chloe Jo has been cracking me up lately. She giggles at everything and watches me like a hawk. If I get out of her range of sight, she yells or cries until I come back. I would love to act all macho and do the eye roll, but I seriously love it and wouldn't have it any other way. She has also gotten the hang of rolling over. She has been able to roll from her back to her belly for a couple weeks and she finally rolled from her belly to her back a couple of days ago. I put her on her playmat today and she kept rolling over. She would then decide that she didn't like whatever way she was and cried until I came and rolled she couldn't do it or something. We played that game for about 10 minutes until she got tired of it. I gave her cereal again today. She was so funny about it. She would open her mouth and when I put the cereal in her mouth, she would grin really big. She is the sweetest little girl ever! And to prove my point, here are some pictures I took today.My Mom scrapbooked a calendar for me for this year. All I have to do is add the pictures. I sent this one to be developed for this month. Too cute!
I love the look she is giving me. Like "pictures again? *sigh* okay...."
I had to get her bare feetsies in one picture since they are so cute.
She is really starting to grip things well...mainly her clothes. And if she can get them up to her mouth, she'll also chew on them. Cotton. The new teether.
"Look, Momma. It's a bow. And I'm going to chew on it."
I can't resist taking pictures of the two of us.
Mmmm. Slobbery kisses.
Love and hugs. There's no better thing to get from a baby.
This picture just cracks me up so I had to include it.
And here is a video for your enjoyment. There aren't many things sweeter than Chloe Jo's giggles.


Sasha said...

I love all the pictures and videos of Chloe!! She is such a cute baby!! (You already knew that though!!) I love all of the bows too!!

Birdee said...

Adorable baby girl!

Christina said you were looking for my blog. I went private but if you want to e-mail me at with your blog email address, I'd be happy to invite you. =D

M said...

So cute. I think she looks like your hubs in the top picture.