Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Adventures Every Day

Chloe Jo just sat up all by herself. I was in my bedroom getting ready to fold laundry. I took her in there and sat her against a stuffed puppy that I have on the bed. She lunged forward and I quickly put my hand out to catch her before she folded completely in half. Before I touched her she stopped herself mid lunge and just sat there for about 10 seconds. My hands were frozen in mid-air waiting to catch her. I just watched her while she sat there and then she gently laid herself back on the puppy. I snatched up the camera to take a picture if she didn't again, but alas, it never works that way. The moment was over and I am pictureless again. Everyday she seems to reach a new milestone. I went to babycenter.com to look up when babies usually start sitting up and they said it is between 4 and 7 months, usually mastered by 8 months. Chloe Jo is just learning so fast and I feel like if I blink I'm going to miss some important milestone. I did give her oatmeal cereal instead of rice cereal for lunch. Maybe that is what it was. Also, I'm sure that it helped that she was on the bed, on the soft comforter. And maybe it was just a fluke and she won't do it again for two months. That's what she did when she rolled over for the first time at 4 weeks. She didn't do it again until she was 3 months old. But, if it's not a fluke, you know what is next...crawling. She is going to lunge forward from sitting and realize that she can hold herself up on her hands and knees. Then she's going to realize that she can move herself forward if she moves her hands and knees. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Excuse me. I must go hyperventilate.

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