Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ode to my Mom

Since I did an ode to my Dad yesterday, I thought I would go ahead and post the things around my home that my Mom did for us. She is the ultimate crafts woman. She taught me all I know and she gave me the drive to discover new crafts. She got the bug from her own mother, my Granny Tiger, who is an excellent seamstress.
This is a blanket my mother crocheted in the 70's. Can you tell? My Granny Tiger had it and she was doing some spring cleaning and ridding out. She just doesn't have room for everything everyone has made her. Plus, if you keep everything that everyone has made, you become a packrat very quickly. Granny Tiger gives things back to the people who made them so they can do with them what they want. This doesn't hurt anyone's feelings because she has so much stuff that everyone has made for her. So Mom was going to get rid of this blanket until I rescued it. I love it because it was made by Mom and it smelled like Granny Tiger's house for a long time. That is one of the best smells in the world. It's amusing that Mom's house is taking on that same smell that Granny Tiger's house has. I love it.
My Mom made this for me for my wedding. I used it on the way out and in the limo. I treasure it.
Mom made one of these for myself, my sis and my sis-in-law one year for Christmas.
Mom went through a crochet phase where she made a ton of doilies. I love them and they protect the wood on all the furniture my Dad made!
Aren't they gorgeous? She does a wonderful job. I'm going to have to learn to do them sometime.
Here are the hooded towels she made for Chloe Jo.She made most of my sister and my doll clothes when we were younger. Here are the ones that I have for Chloe Jo to play with. My sister has some of them, also.
The yellow blanket was my favorite doll blanket. I still love the color yellow. The purple and blue blankets are ones that my Mom and I made together.
The dark blue thing is a doll carrier, like a snugli for your CPK. The other thing is an apron that converts into a bonnett when you button the bottom to the top. We loved playing with all of the things our Mother made for us!These are all things my Mom helped me make for this doll. We didn't have any clothes for these dolls (there were two, one for me and one for my sister) and I wanted to play with her. These are my first attempts at designing clothing and my Mom was so patient with me and all of my ideas.
This is a Valentine's quilt Mom made for me a few years back. I love it!
I was into collecting frogs when I was in high school and college. Mom made this for me and it's one of the few frog things I have kept over the years.
Here are a few of the many burp clothes Mom made for Chloe Jo.
Card making is her most recent hobby. Chelley got me into scrapbooking and then we converted my Mom. She's good at picking out fabrics for quilts so she is also a natural at this.
Mom makes a quilt for each grandchild and this is the one she made for Chloe Jo. I love that the blocks in the middle each have a princess in them.
My Gramsie (great-grandmother) always made these blankets for people whenever there was a "life event". Mom carried on the tradition and made this one for Chloe Jo in Gramsie's favorite patter, Around the World. I have a lot of Gramsie blankets and I have a lot of my Mom's blankets. I don't know which is which so I didn't take pictures of those.
Mom helped me make this blanket when I was younger. I then put it in my hope chest until Chloe Jo was born. It is now hers. The Minnie part is a handkerchief that my Grandma gave me.
Mom made this for my dolls, but I put it in my hope chest and now it is also Chloe Jo's.
This is one of my favorite blankets Mom made for me. It's made out of old jeans. I can even remember whose jeans most of them belonged to.
Mom also made a lot of our clothes when we were younger. These are a couple of the last dresses she made for me. She doesn't do clothing as much anymore. She always humored me when I wanted accessories, too. She made a purse to go with this black dress and a stoll to go with the purple dress. I wore this black one to a Christmas party one year and I also got to wear it to a production of the Nutcracker. I love that it have a V-back and a train.
This is the dress I wore in my sister's wedding. This is the one with the stoll. I only have worn it once, but maybe there will be something else in the future that I can wear it to.
My Mom and Dad are very talented and I am so lucky to have them as parents. They have taught me to embrace my passions. I love everything I have that they have made and I will treasure them until I pass them down to Chloe Jo or maybe her siblings. Stay tuned for the next post. I'm going to be showing a few of the things I have made over the years. Then I think I'm going to do a series showing the different rooms in my home. Thanks for reading Blogger Buddies.

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Your parents are so talented. I love all the things she makes!!