Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pictures and A Little More

First, I recieved the second part of the results for the nuchal translucency test. Everything came back within normal range. WOO HOO!

Here are a couple of pictures of my new haircut. I love it!

There was this jerkhead in high school that was at our house one day for a study group with my sis and some of her friends. He told me that I laugh like and my profile looks like a donkey. Anyone else agree with him? I was traumatized by that and I still think about it from time to time. Better yet, if you agree, just don't say anything...
I forgot a couple of things in my last post. Total weight gain = 4 pounds. Not too shabby. I still fit into two pairs of my regular jeans and a few of my shirts. Most are getting too short in front now.
I bought these at Kohl's tonight while shopping for sweaters. I had seen the zebra one a couple of months ago and I kept meaning to go back and get it because it is so cute! It just so happened that today was a huge sale (NO WAY!). Every weekend is a huge sale for them. Anyway, and they were both 1/2 off coming to a total of $12.00 for both. Couldn't pass that up...especially when they have the little zebra and monkey feet!
On a different note, while walking through the mall tonight, I passed a security guard. Why is this so odd? Let me explain: security guards are dorks (sorry Sid and Ed!). They are pseudo cops that don't really have much jurisdiction to do anything more than the average employee or shopper. They can call the non-pseudo cops....and maybe detain someone in their pseudo office. So this poor security guard, in her uniform and "badge" was on a two-wheeled motorized scooter (just in case there was going to be a chase and her legs stopped working). To add to her massive amounts of dorkitude, she had a helmet on. I'm not saying that safety is dorky, but a two-wheeled motorized scooter, a helmet, and a security guard uniform don't exactly scream "Voted Most Likely To Be A Movie Star" out of the high school yearbook.


Hollie said...

You are super cute with your new hair. I don't get the donkey thing. Your friend is just dumb. Love the baby clothes. I might have to go check out Kohl's. Glad the baby is doing good.

Jackie. said...

I love your new do. It's very flirty!!! It looks like you could just shake your head, and your new cut would just fall into place. I love it when that happens.

WTH? A guest in your home calls you a donkey and YOU feel bad?? Wrong. Shake that insult off your shoulders (and then your hair will just FALL into place!). It's funny how we can get showered with praise and positive things most of the time, and one moron says something stupid, and that's what we think about from time to time. You are not alone. Shake it, sister. Shake it.

Chelley N said...

Okay, you're right, he was a jerk (reason number one that you should forget the comment). Didn't he actually call you a horse anyway? Which, might I say, was completely ironic considering he had the most horse-like profile of anyone I've ever known. Cute hair!