Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love reading blogs by doctors and nurses. I'm fascinated with their views and what makes their brains tick. Of course, since we are on the internet and I don't know these people personally, I just have to take their word for who they say they are and what they do so I take it with a grain of salt. I found this jewel a while back and have been an avid reader since. I love how right-winged and conservative they are. I love how much humor they can put into a post and I love thier archives! Excellent reading (though, a little crude and some cussing at points). That blog then led me to this.

I just started reading Scalpel or Sword yesterday, but I love it already. I started going through the archives and came across an article that he had written about the healthcare reform. It is a four part article that sums up this ER doctor's view about insurance, healthcare in general, and emergency care.

One statement stood out in my mind in particular. Scalpel (what we will call him for lack of a real name) said "As far as Medicaid goes, I would institute other reforms in addition to requiring copays for medical care and medications. Although I think it would be difficult to implement, I think mothers on Medicaid should be required to take mandatory depoprovera shots as long as they are receiving public assistance. If they can't support their current family then they shouldn't keep popping out more of them."

What I find really funny about this statement is that I know a couple on medicaid that keep popping out little ones and this is so true. Why should I have to pay for thier medical care with my tax dollars when they already have a couple of kids that they can't afford. If they are on medicaid and can't afford insurance then why in the world do they think they need 7 kids (that's the last number I heard, I've also heard 5). Plus, she is high risk, so we aren't just paying for standard treatment. We are paying for ultrasounds every two weeks for her and her baby.

Now, the other side of this is that this isn't the baby's fault. That baby and the children already born deserve medical care. They aren't responsible for their parents' bad decisions. So what are we supposed to do? Obviously, pay for the free medical care for this woman so that her kids don't suffer. Then when they grow up, they'll take the free medical care and they'll pop out a bunch of baby's on our dollar and it will never end. Thank goodness we live in the United Socialist States of America. (read that last line with a ton of sarcasm)


I Believe in Miracles said...

Lisa you crack me up. Seriously. I love that last line.

At one point I had a friend who took in 4 children from foster care. The kids had never brushed their teeth, only ate junk food, had been abused, etc. It was a sad story. There mother was early 20s. Her mother was 36 and had 12 kids. Some of which were in foster care. It was sad. The daughter thought it was normal to be pregnant at the same time as her mother. I've never been more in favor of sterilization than when I heard that story. All on welfare.

But what can we do? It's not the babies fault, right?

Hollie said...

I read some of the Scalpel or Sword article. I was nodding my head and agreeing. If people don't pay for their own health care (as in govt programs) then they don't care how much it costs! They don't care how many kids they have! I feel very strongly about this too. My husband and I went to college and have good jobs and make good money. I don't think we should have to pay an ever increasing amount of money for socialized health care!!! Socialism does NOT work.