Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Mis-Use of Photoshop

Please don't be deceived by my title for this post.

I like to photoshop my pictures and I like most photoshopped pictures.

I like to brighten my pictures and that is about how far my photoshopping goes, but I do like family portraits with sparkling eyes and blurred backgrounds.

I'm not totally against photoshopping.

I am against photoshopping something in to something it isn't.

For example:
Pinned from here
Doesn't this drink look amazeballs??? Chloe Jo loves the color pink...and hot pink is even better. Not to mention the fact that it is called a "Barbie Drink." I knew I had to make this for her.

The results? Not so amazeballs.

Seriously? I made this drink (the non-alcoholic version) 3 times. I measured 3 times. While it is yummy...it is sooooo not hot pink...or really even pink at all. More of a dull orange. So very disappointing.

I commented on the post this recipe came from and didn't get a reply even though the site has several new posts from today up.

I hate it when people change something to look like something else and then advertise it as such. It is extremely irritating and, quite frankly, rude.

Looking back, I admit I shouldn't have been duped by this pin. There really is no way the colors of the ingredients would make a hot pink drink. As somewhat of an artist, I should have known this.

It is still frustrating.

I don't understand why people make things in to something they are not. It's okay that the drink is a dull orange. It really is. It is a yummy drink, just not a yummy, hot pink drink.

So please, stop the misuse of photoshop for a better, truer picture.

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