Friday, November 11, 2011

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree!

Last week, we put up Chloe Jo's pink Christmas tree in her room. In order to do that, I had to get out the other Christmas decorations to find the ornaments I had bought last year for her tree. Of course, I probably would have gotten the Christmas decorations out anyway. I love putting everything up in the beginning of November! The rest of the Christmas stuff sat in our kitchen for a week until we finally got to putting everything out Monday evening. Chloe Jo thought this was great! She liked it last year, but she loved it this year!

This cracked me up so much! She got this little wooden tree out and put it where she thought it needed to go...
...and then stepped back to admire her work! HA!
We bought this Christmas tree last year and I'm so glad! It is the easiest thing to put together! Our last tree was the kind that you had to put each branch in the slot separately and then you had to string the lights. This one comes in just 3 parts and is pre-lit. Love!
One of our family traditions is going to pick out 1 new ornament each year. Russ and I started this our first Christmas as a married couple and have kept it up since. I write our initials and the year on them. I love going through and finding all of the ornaments we had previously picked out.

This year, Russ picked this adorable "Dad" ornament. I love it!
I picked this initial ornament
And Chloe Jo picked this ice cream cone. She wanted a football until I steered her to more girly ornaments...and then she ended up picking the ice cream. I'll take it. :)
Do you think she is excited about our Christmas decorations???
And our finished tree. I think it needs more ornaments and maybe some ribbon or something. And of course I love the top hat!


Jenny said...

We each pick out a new ornament each year, it is a fun tradition!

Alicia_B said...

I love that tradition of a new ornament each year! You are making me want to take my Thanksgiving decorations down and do Christmas! But we need to buy a new tree first this year - I am looking forward to a prelit one as well!

~*JaYmE*~ said...

Looks great! We have a prelit-three piece too. Freaking best thing in the world! I could never go back to the old way of stringing lights!

Mercedes said...

We do the ornament thing as well. Course I end up being the one picking them all out.
I love that you break out the Christmas early. I really love Christmas decorations and all the fun involved. Eek I am excited. Hmm. Tempted to start pulling out my decorations.
As always Chloe Jo is beautiful!

caryn said...

I love the top hat!