Saturday, November 12, 2011

A growing girl and blogger issues

This week, I've had to put a couple of pairs of CJ's pants in the hand-me-down bag. We just bought these pants a month or so ago so I was very disappointed to have to get rid of them so quick. I can't believe how much she is growing! I measured her this morning and she has grown an inch since the last time I measured her a month ago. The pants I had to get rid of are size 2T, but the brand usually runs a little big. I now fully understand the term "growing like a weed!"

In other Chloe Jo news, a couple of weeks ago she decided she didn't want to wear a pull-up at nap time and hasn't since with no accidents. I'm so excited about this because potty training for nap time and night time has been hard. I finally accepted the fact that she just has to grow out of those two things and she is now officially nap time trained! She has also been waking up at night to go potty. She will usually get up once a couple of hours after she has gone to sleep, but then she won't wake up anymore until the morning. We are going to start limiting her fluid intake in the evenings and see what happens. Her pull-ups have definitely been getting lighter in the morning so I know she is getting close to trying to sleep without one. Our goal is to be night time trained by her 3rd birthday in April. Hopefully we will be able to do this!

One more thing before I sign off: I've been having issues with the newer blogs I am following. Within the last week, I have started following a few blogs and they keep disappearing. It is so frustrating because their posts are not showing up in my feed. I went to the Help Group and several other people are complaining about the same problem. Hopefully they will get this fixed soon because it is oh-so-annoying.

And that's the end.


C said...

Your girl is becoming cuter by the day Lisa!

BTW, I did not enter your giveaway because I stay far far away....:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa! It's Crystal from Coffee at Nordstrom, I couldn't find your email on your blog anywhere, otherwise I would have emailed you! I was just curious to know if you were interested in the Holly Jolly Swap! We saw that You had commented, but we were unsure if you were entering! If you could email me back at, or comment on my blog letting me know, that would be great! Thank you so much!! :) Have a good week!