Friday, November 18, 2011

The funny things my girl does

Chloe Jo is one of the cutest and funniest kids I've ever met (and I'm not biased...ha!)! Every day she does something that makes me laugh.

One of the things she has been doing lately is play acting with her baby dolls. She has been doing this for a while, but lately she has has started mimicking things that I do and it's so funny!

She loves to play with her Cabbage Patch Dolls. She loves on them and feeds them and undresses them (and then I have to dress the again because she isn't quite coordinated enough to do it yet). Last week she started playing like one of them is going to fall off the table, bed, couch, etc. She will hang them off the side of the furniture and say "No baby! You faw! No!" She will then persuade them to mind. They will fall off anyway to which she will reply "I tode you you faw" and then proceed to snuggle the doll to make it feel better.

Another thing she does lately is try to save me from whatever predicament I am in (or she percieves me to be in). Last week when Daddy was home I went to the bathroom. Our bathroom is a jack-and-jill between our two bedrooms. I proceeded to close both doors and since Chloe Jo was in her room playing, I locked that one (I don't usually lock the doors when I am home with just CJ). Chloe Jo tried to get in (like usual) and when she couldn't get in from her bedroom she cried "Oh no! Don wowwy Momma. I doming!" She then proceeded to run around to the door in our bedroom, open it, run in and give me a hug and pat my back and say "It otay." I guess she thought I was stuck in there. :)

Our baby girl is such a blessing to have around...and she sure keeps us on our toes!


Chelley N said...

That is so funny that she has them fall off of things, then tells them "I told you so". What a hoot!

Jenny said...

I loved Cabbage Patch dolls! She sounds like a sweet little girl!

Christina said...

How cute! Annika doesn't really have any baby dolls, maybe I should get her one to see how she acts with it!

I have a new blog by the way:

I was found on my old one and had to shut it down!

I Believe in Miracles said...

LOVE these!! Our little one is doing the same things with her dolls. It's awesome.

That is super precious about coming to rescue you in the bathroom. Love it.

PS - Thanks for the encouragement on my blog too. Been thinking about you and reading, but not commenting. I love all your crafty projects. They've definitely been inspiring!!