Sunday, November 27, 2011

3 Things

Whew! We have had a whirlwind week! We left very early Tuesday morning to go to western Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving with my family at my brothers house. I will have more posts about all of that up later this week. Right now I want to talk about my goofy nephew, Jordan.

Jordan (everyone except me calls him J.T. so I guess I should jump on that bandwagon...) is a typical 12 year old boy. He is a lot like my brother in that he loves to tell jokes and loves to make people laugh. The only difference is that he is good at it and my brother is...well...not. Love you, Jeremy!

We ordered out yummy BBQ for dinner on Thursday (we had our Thanksgiving meal on Friday) and after everyone had eaten, we just sat around the table and talked.

This is what my nephew came up with:

"There are 3 things that aren't allowed in this house.

Animals with rabies.People with scabies.And crack babies."

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