Friday, February 11, 2011

Some People Just Don't Listen

We live in a duplex. Our Indian neighbors and we have a system worked out for the yard work. We have a mower and our neighbors have a blower so we mow the lawn and our neighbors blow it. We each do raking if that needs to be done. So our neighbor is using the blower this morning and he rings the doorbell. The following conversation insues:

Mr. Dotsnotfeathers: "I am blowing off the yard. May I use the plugin in your kitchen so I can do the back of your side?" (there are no plugins outside and the plug from his kitchen is too far away)

Me: "Sure thing!"

Mr. Dotsnotfeathers comes around to the back of our place.

Mr. Dotsnotfeathers: "I wanted to do this today because I am going to India for four weeks."

Me: "Really? How long are you going to be gone?"

Mr. Dotsnotfeathers inner voice: "Americans are so stupid."


Janet said...

Thanks for the laugh! :-)

C said...

ha ha ha...well, honestly, we Indians do think like that, a lot ! :)