Monday, February 7, 2011


Yeah, You!

I don't know if you just never learned how to read, but you are an adult, so I assume you can. If a door says "Entrance" above it, please don't use it as an exit. It just messes up the flow of traffic in the entryway. Though, I'm sure you never thought of that because you are the only one on the planet.

And you, Mr. Shakeshishead, don't get in a tizzy because I am driving the proper way in the parking lot. It's not my fault that you think you should have free reign and drive whatever way you want. There are arrows and the spaces clearly show which way the aisle is supposed to be driven down. So don't get impatient with me and shake you small brained head when I am driving the proper way. If you are really that upset about my following the directions, maybe you should go home and curl up on the couch with your blankie and paci until you feel better.

And you, Ms. Checker! If I ask if there are any more of the Buy 1 Get 1 Free ketchup anywhere, it's not because I think it's a hilarious question. Don't ask me if there is any on the shelf because I'm not an idiot. I've already looked there as any sane person would have before asking that question. Also, don't stand there and think for a minute and then act like you know if there is or not. I can see that you don't want to leave your precious register even though I was the only person in the line and the store was not busy at all. But, don't act like you are doing me a HUGE favor when you offer to write a rain check because you are lazy.

And you, Hubby! I'm glad you finally asked if I needed help unloading the car, but I think I can get the milk after the five trips I made with the other groceries while you stood in the living room texting.


C said...

Rough day eh? same vent away...My story? Son is ill, taking antibiotic shots for the last 5 days and the nurse at clinic? she rolls her eyes when my son starts crying...yeah need to tell my 16 month old to be brave!

Ashley said...

Amen!!! Preach it sister! And by the way - how did you change the font on your blog??

Anonymous said...

sorry you had a rough day! I've had those myself, and yeah those people who think they don't have to follow the rules like everyone else are annoying! Smile, it's a beautiful day and we love you!