Friday, February 4, 2011

My Little Picky Picky

Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner, does a series called "Show Us Your Life" every Friday. This week she is doing the topic "What do you feed your kids." This topic is especially interesting to me since my awesome eater has turned into a not-so-awesome eater.

In the last few months, Chloe Jo has decide to be Miss Picky Picky (like the Quimby's cat). She used to eat anything I put in front of her. Seriously, the girl could put it away! She ate any kind of meat (ribs, pork chops, hamburgers, ham, chicken...) and she loved green beans and peas. Now, I am lucky to get her to try one green bean and you can forget about potatoes in any form besides French fries. She also doesn't like meat as much anymore and it used to be her favorite.

I always try to get her to eat HEALTHY foods. This is the most important thing to me. All of the bread I buy is whole grain. I try to buy low-fat whenever I can. I also try to buy organic whenever I can (fresh vegetables and fruits, canned vegetables and fruits, peanut butter) though I don't buy organic meats or dairy products because our grocery store doesn't have them (they would probably be too expensive anyway).

For Breakfast:

Any kind of yogurt
Waffles - this is when we are at Grampy and G-Jo's or go to a place that serves breakfast. These aren't the most healthy thing so I don't buy them. Although, I did see Whole-Grain Waffles in the freezer section so I may buy a package of those and see what she thinks.
Pancakes - again, not the most healthy, but she loves them
Cereal - I try to buy Cheerios or other healthy cereal. She loves cereal and she feeds it to herself (in milk!) like a champ!

For lunch:

Grilled cheese
Quesadilla's with whole wheat tortillas
Peanut Butter and Jelly pita
Apple slices
Orange slices
Mexican style rice and beans

For Supper:

Chili (she loves chili, especially if I put rotel and spicy seasoning in it)
Beans (as in ham and beans, but doesn't usually eat the ham anymore)
Mexican casserole
mixed fruit (I buy the no syrup or light syrup from a can)
spaghetti (I never use spaghetti, but aways use something easier for her to pick up with a fork)
rolls (she loves bread, but I don't let her have all she would eat because of carb intake)
Anything she can dip in ketchup (ketchup is her BFF)
Baked Beans
Corn casserole
Green beans (only sometimes)
Beans (refried, chili, kidney, navy, etc. She loves them all)
Macaroni and cheese (only sometimes)
Cooked carrots (only sometimes)
Pizza (I know, I know. This is so not healthy, but she loves it and will eat 2, sometimes three thin slices)


apple slices
orange slices
marshmallows for a treat
homemade yogurt pops (these have fresh fruit and yogurt in them)
whole wheat crackers


Juice (she loves juice, but I don't give it to her very often. I would rather her get it from the fresh fruit)

After looking through several of the posts that linked up with Kelly's Korner, I've noticed a trend. Children are picky. Apparently, everyone has the problem of getting their children to eat healthy foods. I'm so glad I'm not alone. I also got a few good ideas that I'm going to try out! Link up if you are interested in this topic!

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Courtney said...

I have been thinking the same thing lately about kids eating habits. It's like as babies they just eat everything, and then at some point after 1, they decide what they like and don't like. I don't think you're alone! Last night as I was feeding Macie dinner I was asking myself how many months I have until she starts being picky. I'll enjoy it while I can, for sure!