Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Russ and I were able to take Chloe Jo to the pumpkin patch yesterday.
This patch was HUGE! The farm we went to grows 6 different kinds of pumpkins along with Christmas trees, peaches, blackberries and strawberries. Everything you see in this picture is owned by the farm...well, maybe not the gray area in the very, very back.
To get to the pumpkin patch, we took a hayride through the peach orchard and the strawberries fields. Chloe Jo sure loved playing with the hay!
This was my attempt at a family picture. It would have been really cute if Chloe was looking up.
My sweet little girl. She wore her new halloween shirt to the pumpkin patch. It says "I'm batty for candy"....and boy is she ever! She has a sweet tooth just like her Momma.
"Momma, I think this one looks good!"
This is one of the pumpkins we ended up getting. I wanted to get 3, but we didn't have enough hands. I'm sure one of the workers would have helped us if we had asked.
A nice man that was also with our group took this picture for us. I think it's kind of cute.
Chloe really wanted one that hadn't been cut yet. Ha!
She finally ended up picking this little guy. He's so little and cute just like Chloe Jo!
I think these two pictures are adorable. I love pictures like this. I take them all the time now.
I can't wait for strawberry season. The farm opens up their fields for people to come in and pick their own strawberries. Yum, yum, yum!


Ashley said...

Looks like so much fun! We are heading to the pumpkin patch this weekend - can't wait!

Chelley N said...

Wow... you went to an actual patch. The place we went had pumpkins piled on hay bales, but not actually grown there. The pics are cute... I especially love the ones from the back. Chloe Jo looks like she is on a mission!