Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Potty Training Update

How cute is Chloe Jo in her itty bitty panties??? Adorable!!Potty training has still been going really good. Today is day #9 and we have had 2 days with NO accidents! Yay! Plus, Chloe has gone #2 several times. We moved the timer to every 45 minutes this week instead of 30 and she's doing good with that. The only thing that isn't going as well as I'd hoped is that she isn't telling me when she needs to go. She has a few times, but not anywhere near consistently. Maybe she is just too young for that. Anyway, I haven't taken her out with just panties on because I'm really nervous about that. On Sunday, she went to church and I tried to get her to use the potty twice while we were there. She is scared, though, because the potty doesn't have her little seat on it (I use a potty seat that sits on the big potty, not a training potty). I think she is afraid she will fall in even though I'm helping hold her. I can see why that would be scary! Anyway, when we got home she used the potty and her diaper was dry! I may see what happens if we take her out with just panties next week. Also, she has had a dry nap time diaper several times, though not in a row. Once she has several in a row I will see about doing just panties at nap time. All in all, I think potty training is going great and I'm very happy with Chloe Jo's progress!

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Lauren said...

Cute. :)
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