Friday, October 15, 2010

Columbia Fun!

I realized yesterday that I haven't posted about our trip to Columbia. Columbia is the capitol of South Carolina. It's also where my husband goes once a month for a preacher's meeting....well, will be going once a month. He didn't know about it in August and so he went in September and will go again next week. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Since we hadn't been to Columbia, Chloe Jo and I decided to tag along with Daddy to our state's capitol! I wanted to see and tour the State House and there is also a South Carolina State Museum that I wanted to go through. We had a blast seeing Columbia!
Daddy's preachers meeting was over 2 hours long! If you've never talked to a preacher, they are long winded! Add to it that there were about 30 men there (preachers, elders, deacons and members) and you'll have a very long meeting! While Daddy was doing his thang in the meeting, Chloe Jo and I went window shopping and eventually found a park to play at.
Isn't she the sweetest little girl! After we picked up Daddy from the meeting, we went to eat at Fuddrucker's. Fudd's is my favorite hamburger joint and there isn't one closer than 2 hours away. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.
After Fudd's, we made it to the South Carolina State Museum. That place was huge! I wasn't expecting 4 huge floors of history! We were there for 3 hours and could have spent 3 more hours if I hadn't wanted to tour the State House!
I think this picture is hilarious! Poor Chloe Jo. She couldn't go anywhere without a shark trying to eat her. She doesn't seem to be bothered about it, though.
Another set of "Jaws" trying to eat my baby.
This is a man-eating armadillo. So glad we didn't see these when we lived in the Midwest. The normal sized ones are bad enough!
"Hello Operator? I'd like to place a call."
Chloe Jo wanted to make a call on another phone!
Spaceman and Chloe Jo. She didn't really know what to think of most of the museum. Of course, it was nap time and she was getting tired.
Chloe Jo's favorite part of the museum was this "hands-on" area. She laughed and giggled through the whole section...and laughed and giggled loudly. As in, I'm sure the whole floor could hear her! I'm just glad that she enjoyed it so much.
She especially loved this floating beach ball. We watched this for several minutes.
Russ was really excited when he saw that I had multiplied! He really would love to have 100 of me. No, really! Why don't you believe me???
All aboard!!!
Huge airplace hanging from the ceiling. The windows on the right side of the pictre are for a glass elevator. Chloe Jo thought that was pretty neat.
I loved this display. There was a sensor that started everything when we stepped in front of it. So cool!
Ay yi yi...that there is one big tire.
My attempt at being funny looking down the barrel of a cannon.
How would you like to buy shoes at the same counter you buy flour at??? Oh wait a second...we do that at Wal-Mart!
Russ was exceptionally glad to say he didn't have to go through preaching school at a desk like this. Poor guy was way too big anyway!
This was the last exhibit we went through. Bones are neat. The other exhibits were neater.
After the State Museum, we headed over to the State House. I think it's kind of funny to call it the State House since we have always lived in states with "capitol" buildings. Is this a regional thing? I may look into it for curiosities sake.
We have a beautiful State House. I love how grand and stately these buildings usually look.
This is the lobby area of the State House. Again, grand and stately.
This is a conference room that is on the first and second floors. I love the spiral staircase.
The inside of the dome. Does anyone else love domes as much as I do??? I think they are the neatest part of capitol buildings!
This is the second floor lobby area. The staircases lead to the third floor where there are doors to the balconies for the house of reps and the senate rooms. I think it would be very interesting to be able to go for a meeting and get to see it happen.
This is the House of Representatives Chamber.
This is the Senate Chamber.
And poor little Chloe Jo was one tired little girl. She fell asleep in her stroller on the way back to the car...that doesn't happen hardly ever!
I hope you enjoyed our pictures! Later Gators!

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