Monday, October 11, 2010

Not the best day I've ever had

Today has been...well, bad. It has been a bad day. I was so excited this morning to get up and get going and then everything just went wrong all day. I had an appointment for Chloe Jo to get her pictures taken at 10:00 a.m. and then we were going to go out to the pumpkin patch after that. I booked with a studio inside of a store. We got to the store on time and I asked an employee where the portrait studio was. The employee told me they didn't have one. We left thinking we had gone to the wrong store, but the address for the studio was the address for the store. I called the studio and I couldn't get through the first time. So I called a second time and the lady at the studio told me that it was in the store we were just in. We went back inside and asked a manager who told us that it is in the back. By this time we are right on time. I always like to be early to things, but that wasn't the case didn't matter at all. There was only one person working and we had to wait for over an hour to even get back there to have Chloe's pictures taken. Chloe Jo was in a good mood until we had to wait for an hour. Then she was over it. The studio was in a hole in the wall and it was dark and Chloe was scared when we put her on the floor to take her picture. The lady did turn on a light for her, but it didn't help much. We were in the studio for at least 20 minutes and in that time the photographer (who did everything very slowly) took maybe 10 pictures. I wanted to take the camera from her and start snapping myself! She had several opportunities to take a decent picture and she didn't. I guess she wanted Chloe to be smiling in them all. That wasn't going to happen since we had to wait so long and Chloe wasn't cooperating. I asked the photographer to take the props away (because I don't like pictures with ugly fake leaves and pumpkins in them) and she acted like I was crazy. Plus, she wasn't helping the situation. Instead of being productive she was laughing at Chloe not doing what we wanted her to. I was frustrated with Chloe Jo and even more frustrated with the stupid photographer! I finally said forget it and walked out. The photographer came and asked if we wanted to view the pictures and I said no and we walked away. The stupid thing is that I had a really great coupon for several free pictures and it wasn't worth free pictures to stay there...and you guys know how much I love free stuff! So we came away without any pictures. This just ruined the whole day for us. We did get out to the pumpkin patch, but by that time Chloe Jo was tired and ultra-cranky so she wasn't on her best behavior to say the least. I didn't get any really good pictures, but I'll do a post about the pumpkin patch tomorrow since we did have a semi-good time. A couple of the things I hate most about moving is (1) finding a new hair stylist and (2) finding a new photographer. Neither of those things are ever easy!

P.S. I did get on the studios website and sent their customer service a very bad review. I hope they do something about that lazy photographer!

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Mercedes said...

you are making me nervous. The photographer I always used with Hunter quit to stay at home and we are going to try a new photographer on the 25th. Cross our fingers that it is a better experience than what you had!