Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Transition es no bueno

This morning did not go well. For this school year, this was the worst morning so far. I'm just so frustrated. I have to keep perspective, though. Last year, it took Chloe Jo several weeks to be okay in the morning. This morning, as soon as she started boo-hoo-ing, I told her that she needed to suck it up and be a big girl. Then she wouldn't get out of the car. I told her that if I had to park, she would get a spanking. I had to park. I pulled her out of the car and gave her two swats. Mornings like this just ruin my day. I am upset with her for being crazy and I am also worried about her because she was so upset. She just can not handle transition well. I love her so much, but she can be so incredibly frustrating. Parenting is no joke.

This picture was from yesterday morning.

 Did you notice the insane bush behind her? We trimmed it down at the beginning of the summer because it was out of control. It was shorter than Chloe Jo after we got finished with it. Apparently, it really liked the trim because it blew up in a matter of weeks and is now up to our roof. We will have to trim it down again soon...like yesterday.

Last Friday evening, we went to my sisters house to visit and I noticed that Brianna's stroller was in bad shape. I took the lining and made a new one for her. When Chloe Jo saw the new lining, she decided she wanted one just like it. There was nothing wrong with the lining in her stroller, but I had the fabric so I went ahead and made one for her, too.

This is the before. The lining was fine, but it wasn't the best quality. I think I did fix one of the loops one time after a certain little nephew of mine decided to sit in it (hence the reason my niece's lining was torn up, I'm sure).

And the after. I just used the hardware from the old lining. This one is sure to last!

I have another project going today that I am hoping to finish up before going to pick up Chloe Jo from school.

Have a good Tuesday, friends!

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April said...

So sorry the school mornings are not going well! I haven't been there myself so I have no advice to offer. I imagine she is not the only little girl having a hard time with starting school so at least there is some comfort that many, many others have been in your shoes before. I love the new stroller liners!!