Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chloe Jo Day

Today was Chloe Jo Day!

Since she starts school tomorrow, I told her on Monday that Tuesday would be her day. We could do anything she wanted to.

I'm so glad Chloe Jo is easy to please. She decided that she wanted to eat breakfast at home even though I offered to take her to get a donut. That's my girl, though. After breakfast we got ready and left to go to the park. First, we had to stop for a photo op!

We have a fantastic park in a city near us and she wanted to go there. We invited the cousins to come play with us and the kids had a ball. We ended up only staying an hour because it got hot fast. We had stopped at Sonic for drinks beforehand and they were all gone within that hour!

Chloe Jo's next request was to eat at McDonald's. The cousins decided to join us there, too. After we ate, the kids played in the play place for a while. 2 kids from Chloe Jo's grade came in (including her best friend...who is a boy!), there were 2 girls we knew from swim lessons there, and one girl from a class Brianna and Brenson go to on Friday's so the kids all played together and had a great time.

After playing for a while, Chloe Jo wanted to get dessert at Cherry Berry. Yum!

We went over to Target next to check out the toy aisles. After Target we went home to watch a movie. While she watched her movie, I made up some jello for school lunches and made a double batch of strawberry jam. After the movie was over, we read a stack of books and started thinking about supper. She had chosen to have spaghetti and cornbread (her favorite) for her day.

We finished the day off with a walk around our neighborhood.

I'm so glad Chloe Jo is easy to please and that she had so much fun today. Plus, I would be lying if I didn't admit that packing the day so full was also to help her sleep tonight. She was in bed at 7:30 and asleep by 8:15 (my goal was to be in bed by 8:00 and asleep by 9:00).

I know the sweet dear is nervous about her first day of school tomorrow, but at least she will be well rested!

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Angie said...

How sweet of you to let her have her own day before school! Looks like she really enjoyed it. Hope she has a wonderful day at school :)