Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet the Teacher Night

Meet the Teacher night was tonight so we got to go up to the school to find Chloe Jo's classroom, meet her teacher and to drop off her school supplies.

Here she is looking all cute in some of her school clothes.

The school did a huge rearrange of grades and teachers and Chloe Jo ended up being in the exact same classroom as last year! She thought that was pretty great. She was very nervous before going in her classroom and this development helped her to not be so nervous. But, the poor girl had hives (a trait she, unfortunately, got from me).

I had met her teacher a couple of times last year when I was subbing at the school and didn't think she was particularly the nicest person, but I think she was just busy when I met her because she was great tonight. Plus, we went to see Chloe Jo's Pre-K teacher to say "hi" and she said her new teacher is wonderful. All my inhibitions were gone from that point because I very much trust her Pre-K teacher and I know she wouldn't say anything if she didn't actually believe it.

Here she is standing by her cubby.

Unfortunately, neither of Chloe Jo's best friends from last year are in her class this year. She was disappointed about that, but I know she will make new friends and it will be fine. Plus, she can always play with her friends from last year at recess!

Tomorrow is Chloe Jo Day. She gets to decide how we are going to spend the last day of summer. I can't believe she starts Kindergarten on Wednesday!

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Angie said...

She looks so cute! I bet she will make a host of new friends in no time