Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cookies, Onesies and a Menu

Ya'll, it has been bo-oring around our home the last couple of weeks. I'm finished making, buying and wrapping Christmas gifts. I am trying to save some cash for our upcoming trip to Arkansas and Missouri so we just haven't been getting out much. We've been doing the usual weekly things: working on letters with Chloe Jo, going to the library, doing puzzles, etc. We've also been watching entirely too much Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. My brother let me borrow the whole series and I'm trying to get through it so I can return the dvd's when we see them at Christmas. I've also been trying to decide what I'm going to make for our Christmas party. One thing I really liked about the congregation we were memebers of in Springfield was that the minister would host a Christmas party for the members every year and we have started that tradition here. I know I will be making armadillo eggs and home made apple cider. I'm thinking about making rice crispy treats and maybe one other thing. I'm not sure yet. Any suggestions?

Chloe Jo and I did make cookies on Monday evening. I try not to make sweets very often because we eat them way too fast so this is a treat!
I've also been working on a project for my soon-to-be-here nephew, Brenson. My sister asked me to make some onesies and burp rags for him. I haven't gotten to the burp rags, but here are some of the onesies I did for him. I think they turned out pretty cute!
I think they turned out really cute!

And that is what has been going on around here. Hopefully I'll find some better blog fodder to post next week!


Janet said...

Cute onesies! Love the giraffe!

Anonymous said...

Armadillo what?! Lol.
The onesies are cute. I like the giraffe and tie especially!