Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza Part 1

Birthday Extravaganza includes Russ' birthday (on Monday) and mine (today) so this will be a two parter. Come back on Thursday to read about my special day!

Russ started his birthday by taking our car to the shop and walking back to our house. It seems like we have been having an extra rough year with cars and trees falling on our house. Regardless of the beginning of the day, the rest of it turned out great!

Chloe Jo and I started out the day by wearing our "Russ Rocks" t-shirts. This always makes Russ walk a little straighter.
Then we gave Daddy his presents. I was going to make him wait until after lunch and dessert, but he couldn't wait!
Chloe Jo, of course, helped him open his presents.
Russ requested cupcakes for his birthday dessert so I had baked them that morning. After presents and lunch I frosted them and Chloe Jo added sprinkles. I think she liked helping me.
And we definitely enjoyed eating the cupcakes with ice cream!
Especially Chloe Jo.
We hope you had a fantastic birthday, Daddy! Here's to our last 365 of our twenties!

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