Monday, April 12, 2010

Chloe Jo, you are 1 year old!!!

Chloe Jo turned 1 year old on Saturday! We celebrated with a small, family only party. My sister and her family came with my Mom and Dad and also one of Russ' brothers and his family came. Russ' neice and Mom were going to come, but one of the children in his neices class contracted whooping cough and exposed the whole class who then had to have a preventative immunization so they thought it was best not to come. I'm thankful that they didn't come becuase I would hate for Chloe Jo to get whooping cough (she's only has the first few rounds of the vaccine), but I'm also very sad that they weren't able to celebrate with us. Russ' brother and his family were able to come Friday evening and stay over until Sunday. Chloe Jo loved playing with her cousin, David! Saturday morning Chloe Jo woke up to me baking and decorating her birthday cake.
"Hey Momma, what is that you're doing in the kitchen???"
It turned out exactly like I wanted!!! I had a great time making it even if I did go a little overboard for a party with only 11 people and three of them were babies!
We watched Chloe Jo open her presents first.
She really didn't care very much about opening gifts. She would get distracted really easily and try to go do something else so I ended up opening many of them.
She got a new car seat from her Daddy and I, bath accesories from Aunt Chelle, Uncle Chris and cousin Brianna, lots of adorable clothes from G-Jo and Grampy and Nana, Pawpaw and cousin Alli and Uncle Josh, Aunt Liz and cousin Marcus and Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Bailey and cousin David. She also got a few books and toys!
After she opened her presents, I put her in her little chair so we could sing Happy Birthday. She hates it when a lot of people are looking at her so she cried when we all stood around and sang to her. As funny as that was, it wasn't near as funny as her not even wanted to touch or taste her cake! I put her little mini cake on her tray and she didn't want anything to do with it. She started gagging before anything even came close to her mouth and ended up puking on her cake! I eventually just gave her a cracker and that made her happy. It was pretty hilarious and Uncle Jeremy even got it all on video! I have a couple of videos, but no pictures of all of this. I'll upload a couple of the videos soon.
Brianna was quite underwhelmed with the whole party! She sure looks cute in her party dress, though.
David had a good time, though. He really loved the punch I made and Chloe Jo's new toys!
We blew bubbles during the party. Chloe Jo and David both loved those!
We were so happy to have G-Jo and Grampy there to help us celebrate!
We definitely had to take a family picture on this occasion! It's not every day that your sweet little girl turns 1!
We were also excited that Uncle Chris, cousin Brianna and Aunt Chelle were able to come to town for the party.
And of course we had a great time with cousin David, Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Bailey over the weekend!
After the party G-Jo and Grampy and Chris, Chelley and Brianna left and Jeremy, Bailey and David and we went on a walk to our neighborhood park. The little ones had a blast on the swings!
How cute is this sweet little girl!?!?
The swings are definitely one of Chloe Jo's favorite things!
I think she would swing for hours if we let her.
This morning was Chloe Jo's 1 year check-up with her doctor. She hates the nurses and the doctor to touch her, talk to her, look in her general direction. She has these crazy anxiety attacks about it. Even though she cried though most of the appointment, everything looked great and she is just as healthy as can be.
She measures 28 1/2 inches long and that put her into the 25th percentile.
She weighs 19 pounds 8.3 ounces also putting her into the 25th percentile. It also means that I have to wait about a month before she can use her beautiful, brand-new car seat!
Her head circumference is also in the 25th percentile at 44 centimeters.
Then Chloe Jo had to get 5 shots. Yech! I had a choice of splitting them up over the next year or getting 5 this time and 1 and her 18 month appointment and being done until she is 5. I chose to go ahead and get it over with and her doctor agreed that it's better this way. She sure cried and made a fuss about it! The nurse even said she is one of the strongest kickers she's had! Oh my! When we checked out, the front office lady gave her a bag of teddy grahams and that made it all better.
We had an excellent weekend with our family celebrating Chloe Jo's first birthday! I'll posted a couple of videos later. Until next time, see you around Blogger Buddies!


Janet said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Chloe Jo! Can't wait to see the videos.

Mainly a midwife said...

What a beautiful cake you made! What a wonderful party for a sweet little girl. Many blessings Lisa!