Monday, April 5, 2010

1 year (!?!) pictures and Easter

On Thursday Chloe Jo and I went to our favorite portrait studio to get her 1 year pictures taken. I can't believe we have done that and that we are getting ready for her birthday on Saturday! She wasn't really happy about getting her pictures taken. She was determined not to smile for the photographer no matter how many silly noises we made or how many times I played peek-a-boo. He did end up getting three that I liked enough to buy. This is my favorite.
I love that she is standing in it. She looks like such a big girl to me, though!
This is the picture I included in her birthday announcements. I will post some on that later after I am sure everyone has recieved the announcement. I don't want to completely ruin the surprise!
I was only planning on getting two poses, but I loved this one so I did get a sheet of 5x7's. I love this look where she is almost smiling but not really. Too cute!

On Saturday I met my parents for lunch and then headed out to their house. My brother and his family were coming and I wanted to hang out there for a while. Mom and I worked together to make this cutie patootie bunny cake!
She had made them before and knew how to cut one round cake to make the ears and bowtie. I frosted it and decorated it.
After my brother and his family arrived, we colored easter eggs with his kids, Jordan and Kaylee.
Jordan was pretty proud of his easter eggs!
Kaylee is usually very busy (as in she can't sit still for long), but she must have enjoyed this because she colored all of her eggs and didn't get up once!
We had such a good time together!
Here are our finished eggs. We did 18 and one for each person who was there. The one with the orange hair is Grampy Grumps'!
Here is Jordan and Kaylee with the finished easter eggs.
On Sunday morning Russell left to preach at our out-of-town congregation and Chloe Jo and I got ready for Sunday morning worship. We don't actually celebrate easter in a religious way (the same goes for Christmas) because we celebrate Christ every Sunday, especially His dying on the cross to save us from our sins, and we don't have a special service or anything. But we do still like to get dressed up!
How pretty Chloe Jo looks in her frilly sock and pretty dress! She was excited to be so gussied up. She loves to wear dresses and loves to look pretty.
This is what the easter bunny left for her! There are yogurt melts (she loves them, but I don't buy them anymore since she does just fine with cereal), hair bows, two board books, a chocolate chip cookie, a bottle of bubbles and that adorable sheep!
She thought the whole basket was g-r-r-r-r-r-reat!
She definitely liked the plastic eggs I put in her basket! She figured out how to open them and bang them together.
We took her basket and eggs to Grampy and G-Jo's house on Sunday afternoon where she enjoyed finding the eggs and putting them in her basket.
We hope you all had as good an easter as we did!


Janet said...

I think your pictures turned out GREAT! How is it possible that her birthday is on Saturday already? It just doesn't seem right that our kiddos are turning one! She looks more and more like you everyday! Such a doll!

Mercedes said...

She is to cute in her dresses!

The Dorns said...

So cute and your basket turned out fantastic. I know she was taking steps but is she fully walking yet. I saw lots of standing pictures.

Happy Birthday Angel!