Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Uninvited Guest

Our pest control came by today to see about our uninvited guest. He thinks there is only one little mouse that probably lives in the wall between the apartments since I have seen no signs of mice (that is until today). I think he was just saying that to make me feel better because I have always heard that if there is one mouse then there is a colony. We did set out traps last night and didn't catch anything. I have to really keep an eye on Chloe Jo, so she doesn't get into the traps (they aren't the kind that can break fingers just in case she does sneak by). I heard our guest last night in our pantry. This morning I started packing up the pantry and it seems the little guy likes tortillas. I promptly threw those out and everything on that shelf that could have been contaminated. The only thing left were the canned good and peanut butter! As I packed I kept hearing the mouse scurrying around so I haven't touched the stuff on the floor of the pantry. I'm going to leave that to Russ. The pest control guy did throw some poison on the floor of the pantry so hopefully that will entice the mouse and it will die. I'm just glad we are leaving (if we EVER hear back from the new place!).

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