Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kinder Surprise!!

While growing up, my Dad would take my mom, sis and I with him on mission trips to the Ukraine. I was able to go 9 times, usually for a month at a time. I was put on home school status so I would be truant with the schools and off we would go during the winter usually. One of the things that we were introduced to while in Ukraine were these little gems:

Kinder Surprise Eggs.

I loved these and ate them all the time while over there. They were so fun!
It's basically an egg that is hollow inside. It has milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate on the inside.
When you cracked it open, there is a little capsule (I guess it is supposed to look like a yolk, though some of them were green or blue) inside.
When you cracked the capsule open, you would get a "surprise".Sometimes you have to put them together, but that is fun, too!

Wala! A little flying something or other!
This Kinder Suprise Egg was bought by my dad and brother-in-law at a German store in the town where my BIL and sis live. These would never sell well in the U.S. because the company would be sued in seconds because of the small parts. I remember Nestle trying to do something like this a few years ago and they got sued and I haven't seen anything like it on the market since. You gotta love Europe where anything goes!


elephantscanremember said...

That would be so cool! Too bad there are so many idiots that don't want to supervise their kids with stuff. The rest of us miss out.

My cousin was stationed in Germany and they brought back a lot of these and other candies. It was really neat.

Chelley N said...

Oh Kinder Surprise... how I miss thee!

M said...

I grew up in Canada and you could buy Kinder Surprise there. I loved them growing up!

Joy Lin said...

I LOVE Kinder Eggs! I'm going to have to find that store!!