Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Christmas!

Russell, Chloe Jo and I had our family Christmas last night after Wednesday evening Bible class. We are going to be traveling today after Russell gets off of work and will be out of town until Saturday evening.
We opened our stockings first.
Russ was super excited to get undies from Santa in his stocking!
Russ and I didn't have very many presents but we sure spoiled Chloe Jo. It was so fun to watch her open her presents!

We gave Chloe Jo her first Cabbage Patch Doll (one made for infants) and she loved it. I'm so excited that she liked it. I hope she will love them as much as I do.
The CPK's name is Johanna (with a hard "h" sound) Sylvia. Chloe Jo was so excited to see what was underneath all that wrapping paper and she was excited to be ripping up the paper!
Russell was also excited to be getting to open up presents.
Chloe Jo entertained herself with the wrapping paper while I opened up some of her new toys.
I was super excited to see Russell open this present from Me!
And his reaction didn't disappoint. He was thrilled to get this Ankiel jersey!
Chloe Jo loved playing in the wrapping paper after we opened everything.
She sure made out well with a lot of new loot!
We even let her play with it for a while before she went to bed (at 10:30!).
This is her favorite toy so far. I think it will help her with her crawling because she sure loves those balls and she goes after them when they roll away.
I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas and I will update when we get back from our trip!


Courtney said...

Merry Christmas! Those look like fun times!

Ashley said...

Looks like such fun! I am sitting here waiting on Katie to wake up so we can do the Santa thing! Santa brought her one of those spinny top things too and I hope she likes it as much as Chloe Jo likes hers :) Merry Christmas and safe travels!