Monday, December 14, 2009

Crocheted Critters

I finally finished the crocheted critters for Chloe. I wrapped them up and now they are sitting under the tree. I feel like the took forever, but they are soooo cute!!!! I hope she'll actually like them! Once we get moved into a house, I will put a shelf up on her wall to put them on. I think they will look really cute in her room!
This bunny is my least favorite. She was the last one I did and I just don't really like her that much. The bunny in the picture was more squat and fat. Mine turned out long and lean. Oh well, she's still cute I guess.
This puppy was the hardest one to do and I had to add a scarf because the pattern had the seam going down the front for some crazy reason. If I had realized that's how it was before I had gotten too far I would have tweaked the pattern. The scarf worked well, though. Having to change colors that many times was what made it difficult.
This bear is my favorite. I think she turned out so cute. She isn't exactly symetrical, but I'm still proud of her!
This guy is pretty cute, too. He was the most fun to make because I got to sew all the brown spots on him wherever I wanted. love how tall he is!
I thought this ladybug turned out really cute, too!
This elephant was also a lot of fun to do. I love his trunk! Elephants are one of my animal crushes right now...the other being owls.
This bee was the first arumigumi (crocheted animal) that I did. I found the pattern on a peely at a store and thought it might be fun to make....little did I know that I would be making a few!
Okay, I need to get back to my scarf now!


Christina said...

Those are so cute. I wish I could crochet.

I think the elephant is my favorite.

Alicia_B said...

You are so talented - I LOVE those!