Thursday, December 10, 2009

8 Months!!!

Excuse me, but how did that happen??? As I get older, the world seems to turn faster and the years go by, but the last 8 months....I have no idea where they have gone!
Oh wait! They've gone to taking care of this precious girl. Chloe Jo is such a sweet baby and she has become so easy to take care of!
We expect her to either crawl or walk any day now. It's a race to see which one she will do first. She can get onto all fours from a sitting position, but she is also taking little steps while holding on to things and she can stand alone for a few seconds. We will see what happens in the next few weeks!
What else is Chloe Jo doing at 8 months? Talking up a storm! No real words yet, just a lot of babble. She loves to be tickled and she thinks it is great when you touch her belly. She giggles at everything, especially when I put her paci in my mouth (I know, GROSS!). She loves to sing and dance and play peek-a-boo. She also likes funny noises like when I say "beep beep" when we are playing with a car. We sing our ABC's, numbers, her name song and the books of the Bible every day so when she does start talking she'll have a leg up with that stuff. I bought her some ABC's and numbers flash cards for her stocking for Christmas and am excited to start using them. I know she is young for that, but I don't think you can ever start too young! She really loves her Leap Frog activity table that sings and plays music. She will stand at that and play for an hour!
Chloe Jo, you are growing up so fast and you are so fun to have around!