Monday, March 3, 2008

Then again....maybe not

Second looks are always different from first impressions. This weekend was a little disappointing. I think we have marked the place we tried out off our list for now. It seemed that the people there thought we were just filling in, not trying out. I had 2 people say, "thanks for helping us out" and 2 others say "thanks for filling in for us." I don't know if I diagnosed this correctly, but it looks like we have already been taken out of the running. There were some other things that bothered us, but that was the biggest. Russ even asked one of the men in an e-mail if we were still being considered and he just ignored the question all together. If they are like this now, how are they going to be when Russ preaches on something that members have problems with? If they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes now, how will they be in a year from now? Maybe I have this all wrong, but that place just doesn't seem to fit us anymore. I think we were infatuated with the location more than with the congregation. We now know that this should be a lesson to us. If we say "we do or don't want to live here or there," God will say "how much do you love Me?"

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