Saturday, August 4, 2012

This Week's Roundup

I had a very productive week! The temperatures have been insane lately (110 - 116) so we have stayed indoors mostly. Since I was able to accomplish so much I thought I would post pictures and do a roundup!

Chloe Jo was with me at Hobby Lobby on Monday and spied a piece of My Little Pony fabric. Since it was in the clearance bin priced at a measly $.81 I went ahead and let her put it in the cart. We got it home and I looked through my fabric and shirt stash and this is what I came up with.
It turned out pretty cute!

Chloe Jo was definitely happy with her new My Little Pony outfit.

Russ cleaned out Chloe Jo's pool and I filled it back up with water Tuesday morning so she could play. It is just too hot to play outside in the afternoons right now so we went out at 9:30. It was already well over 100 degrees, but that sure didn't deter CJ from having fun!

Sweet girl!
 Love those pool pictures!

Wednesday, we went with Aunty Chelle and cousins Brianna and Brenson to one of her friends houses to go swimming. We had a great time, but I didn't take any pictures.

Thursday we decided to try to make bouncy balls. Yeah...that didn't work out so good. We tried it two different ways and neither worked. From now on I'm going to leave the chemistry stuff to the chemists...until I find some other interesting looking thing to do on Pinterest. Stinky site!

CJ was so excited to get started.

We followed the directions to the letter.

This is the second batch which turned out much better than the first.
 But, alas, it didn't bounce. :( Not to mention the borax clumped really bad and it was just a mess to play with.

After scrapping the bouncy ball project, I resume my crafting. I made two Minnie Mouse bows. One is for cousin Brianna and one is for Chloe Jo.

Then I had to make a Minnie Mouse shirt to go with the bow. I already had the materials so I finished that up pretty quick.

I also finished up two shirts for my cousins boys. My cousin is an orthopedic surgeon and treated Russ when he tore his Achille's tendon earlier this year. These are just a little thank you for helping us out.

This is the last thing I have to share for this week. My sister ordered (ha! I say that like I have a business) one of my minky blankets for one of her friends who is having a little boy in a couple of months. She hasn't seen it in person, but I think it turned out great! I hope little Riggs will get lots of use out of it!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!

Next week is going to be another scorcher so maybe I'll get some more things done!


April said...

I love seeing your projects! You do such a good job!

Angie said...

You might just be the craftiest lady I know. That My Little Pony outfit is so adorable and just when I thought it couldn't get cuter you posted Minnie Mouse!!! Chloe Joe is a lucky gal. I bet she looks so fashionable all the time :)

Amy Powell said...

oh very cute! love those W1/W2 shirts :) and the swimming pool looks like a great idea in that kinds of heat!

have a lovely week :)

<3 Amy

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Courtney said...

Your craftiness is inspiring. I so wish I could look at fabric and just dream up an outfit. Great stuff. I also love how many projects you gals do. I can't wait until Macie is just a little older and can sit/stand still for that kind of stuff as well. Love it!