Monday, August 13, 2012

60th Anniversary!

Last week my grandparents' celebrated their 60th (!!!!) anniversary! To celebrate, my Aunt Cindy, Mom, sister and I put on a fantastic party for them! We had a great time and I loved catching up with all of my cousins and family!

My family and my sister's family stayed with my cousin Friday evening. They have a little girl who is just in between Chloe Jo and Brianna in age. They had so much fun playing together!

My parents came to our house on Thursday to stay the night and drive to Wichita (where my grandparents and several other family members live). We set up the party tables and decorations Friday evening. Decorating is my favorite part of the party planning process. Well, that and the actual partying!

This is the entry table. The picture is almost all of our extended family (minus just 2 families) from 2007.

My Aunt Cindy set up this table display and I made and hung the tissue paper poms. I had put the tissue paper poms part way together and my sweet cousins helped fluff them while I hung them up.

This is the colorful banner I made. For whatever reason, the banners I do don't look that great in pictures. The words showed up fantasticly (is that a word?) in person.

My Mom and I created this table display. We call it "Sparkle Me Truly" because the inspiration was from one of those freebie flyers from Hobby Lobby and it said that on the front. The yellow cards have favorite Bible verses and quotes from Granny Tiger and Pappy.

This was another display my Aunt Cindy did. She received a box of old photos from one of her Uncles recently so we decided to share them. I love looking through old photos!

This is another one of my displays. This went over great! It was so fun to put together!

Here is the whole room. I have to admit that I wasn't really on board with the color scheme until we started putting everything together. I thought it was going to look to much like a Sweet 16 instead of a Sweet 60th. I was so wrong! Everything came together and it didn't look teenage-ery at all. It was beautiful and perfect!

I made several tissue paper poms and tulle poms to decorate with. I ended up mixing them and it was worked out great!

My Aunt brought the tablecloths and made the centerpieces.

I also collected photos from each family unit and my sister put together a wonderful slide show. It was fantastic and everybody enjoyed it!

Here are Granny Tiger and Pappy opening their cards before the slide show.

This is my sister, Chelley, my Granny Tiger and I. Love this picture! It may be a framer!

Chloe Jo's favorite part was having ice cream sundaes for dessert. Precious girl!

We had a wonderful weekend. I hope our family continues to get together as we grow. I love catching up and seeing all the new babies everyone is having! My sister's little boy, Brenson, is great grandchild #25!!!! We are so blessed to have an amazing family!


Lauren said...

Looks like an awesome celebration! Love all the details you all put into it :-)

Cheryl said...

What a great tribute to your grandparents! Everything looks so nice and I LOVE the pom-poms you made. Happy Anniversary to your grandparents!

Naomi said...

Hey Mrs Lisa!
So happy to reconnect! I really enjoyed spending time with you.
I love parties, and that one looked incredible! Wow! 25 great grand-children! :)

Kriss said...

Lisa it looked awesome!!! Great job and what a testimony for them to be married so long!! -Kriss (