Thursday, May 17, 2012

Play Park

 Close to the town we are going to be living in (soon...very soon) is a bigger town where we will be going to do our shopping and playing. Chloe Jo and I came to Oklahoma to stay with my sister and her kids while her husband was out of town. While I was there we took the kids to an amazing play park in big town.
 This park is about phenomenal for a city park. I even had a ton of fun!
The merry-go-round was so heavy I had trouble pushing it, but Chloe Jo is a hoss and was running with it giving Brianna a ride.
Brenson hung out with Momma most of the morning on the bench. It was very sunny out so he had to wear his hat so his fair skin wouldn't burn (plus he looks so cute in it!).
We had so much fun just walking and running through the play gyms. We didn't even do many of the activities because most were for older kids but it was still fun.
Chloe Jo was being especially brave that day and she went down this very tall slide several times by herself. I was surprised she even wanted to because usually she is very timid about things like that. She didn't go down the tallest swirl slide, though. She got up to the top and decided it was too high.
Brianna, who is completely fearless, had a great time making her mommy nervous. Chelley was so afraid Brianna would jump off of one of the higher areas.
After we were done playing at the park we stopped by Atwoods to see the baby chicks. Sometimes this store has other animals (like horses!) inside, but that day they just had baby chicks. And, um, ugh. Brianna does have her mouth on the lip of the metal. Gross!
The baby chicks were so tiny and sweet. I had to keep telling myself that sweet, tiny, soft baby chicks turn into hens. Yuck.
We had a fantastic day playing at the park and going to see the baby chicks! The best part was the great naps the kiddos took after we got home! HA!


Cheryl said...

Such a fun park! I love to look at the baby chicks at Atwoods too...but look only! I have no interest at all in trying to raise them.

April said...

What a neat park! Looks like lots of fun!

stringsandbuttons said...

awww the baby chicks! Looks like the kids had a ton of fun!

Lydia said...

We love this park!! We visit at least once a week... but usually more often!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I thought I was already following you but wasn't so I'm number 98. :) blessings, marlene