Monday, May 7, 2012

Down to the end

Last week was so hard, but it is finally over. I am emotional at funerals in general and it was a million times harder at a funeral for a baby. I hope the healing process goes as smooth as it can for my friends.

We are getting down to the last week before closing (or so we hope) and I've been getting ready to get moved in. I have bought several things to help make our house a home and am ready to get everything in the house and set up like we want it.

I went ahead and bought Chloe Jo a new comforter for her bed. She also is going to have a side table for her bed so I bought her a lamp for it. I still need to get her a bedskirt and we are going to paint her room before we load it up with her things.
Last week I went shopping with my Mom and bought all the rugs we will need, a new table cloth, dish towels and dish rags for the kitchen and new bathroom towels, washcloths and a curtain.
I liked the curtain that the current owners had in the bathroom so much that I went and bought one of my own! HA!
We are so ready to get into our own place (as I'm sure my parents and sister are ready to have their homes back to themselves)!

We still haven't heard back about the second appraisal so we are waiting with fingers crossed that it comes back correctly this time. I am really hoping that closing doesn't get shoved off because of the issues we have had with the appraisals. All we can do is wait and see!

I hope everyone has a good week!


April said...

awww that bedding is so cute!! Did you get the shower curtain at kohls? I love it!

Lisa said...

Yes, the shower curtain is from Kohl's.

Angie said...

I can only imagine how ready you all are to have all this home buying stuff tied up! You got some really great things looks like. Can't wait to see everything once it is all together :)

Lauren said...

Love those monogrammed towels, glad to know things are getting better :-)